Thursday, March 20, 2008

i feel a little new york chic today. ha! it's this jacket. wow. i thrifted it a couple of weeks ago - i paid less than a starbucks coffee for this! :-) it has been too warm to wear it, until today. we got a little cold snap - the first day of spring! imagine that. anyway, it has the most amazing details, and the color... fantastic. and i love this little plaid purse with it.

update on the today show thing... it didn't happen. boo. i heard from the girl and she said she didn't receive it on time. which is crazy. because the tracking said she got it tuesday at noon. she thinks her mailroom screwed things up. man... what a total and absolute bummer.... but i'm moving on.... can't think too long and hard on that. it will get me all messed up! ha.

hope you all are enjoying the first day of spring! xoxo


Tizzalicious said...

Ahhhh, that's too bad about the Topay Show! :(

Hobocamp Crafts said...

awww too bad! Now she'll just have to wear that adorable purse out and flaunt your name all through town!!

ps i just got a we're sorry we recieved a lot of submissions letter if it makes you feel any better!

RustChic said...

what an adorable outfit. it is a shock to see you without pink hair rockon!
peace and beignets,

Melanie-Pearl said...

nice jacket! sorry about the purse thing. maybe it put you on the map for the future, though. i'd keep networking with that chick. send her something fallish for when she does her fall segment.

Felicia said...

Love it :)

amy said...

I'm still wearing my long winter puffer coat. It's too warm where you live?

I love the jacket even more that it cost less than a starbucks coffee.

rohit said...

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