Monday, March 17, 2008

i finally got the new belle armoire magazine this weekend, after learning that one of my flickr friends (i first saw her on wardrobe remix) and etsy friends, lorimarsha sandstedt, is the featured artist! i started reading it this morning, with my coffee, and WOW is about all i can say. this article was SO well written. it's like you are sitting right in the living room with lorimarsha herself! she is the most amazing clothing reconstructionist ever. she inspires me on a daily basis with her creations! she is so humble and sweet and colorful and just plain FUN! i love her flickr stream so much. i can always count on it to lift my spirits! her smile is contagious. what i wouldn't do to spend just one day with her. i resonate with this quote the most:

"i don't sketch, and i've never been able to draw. i never work with patterns. i don't even like them! i just start with some sort of garment that i've taken apart. they are sort of like collages, the way they come together." ~ lorimarsha
SHE is a true artist....

so... who inspires YOU???


Hobocamp Crafts said...

yeah she seems like a super talented- sweet woman. That mag looks great- wherever did you find it?

Congrats on the Today show- look at you getting all the props- You Go girl you earned em'!

I get inspired by characters- ficticious storytellers mostly, kids novels and weird dorky stuff

Christina said...

Hi there,

I came over here after seeing you post at etsy vintage about your exciting news! I know I love getting comments on my blog so I though why not answey your question today? I would say I am inspired by three artists right now

-Ali Edwards

-Rebecca Sower

-Tara Whitney

They are all living my dream of having a creative life and business.

mermaid musings said...

Yes she is!!!